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Here's How

First, we need people that are willing to help meet needs.  If you sign up to "Meet a Need" you will be notified via email when a particular need arises and will have the ability to select which needs you are interested in participating in.

There are four ways you can meet a need: 

Give of your time

to help complete

a project.

Tech Watch
Woman Painting

Use something you are passionate about to make a difference.




Give of your time

to help complete

a project.

Use your expertise or skill to solve a problem.

Support us financially by giving to the ministry

and/or sponsoring

a specific need.

Credit Card



Next, we need to know about needs in the community and beyond.  Whether the need is big or small we encourage you to share it here.  All needs that are shared go through an approval process before they are officially shared on a public list.  

Do you have a need to share today?

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