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Our world is broken and hurting and there are needs all around us.  We want to change the world and shine light in the darkness.

One need at a time.


Do you have a need?


There's no need that is too small.

We care.


What We Do

Crossroads Cares is dedicated to serving the needs of Anthem, Phoenix and the World in tangible ways by empowering and mobilizing men and women within our community to serve others in need.


Essentially, when needs are shared, we do our best to meet them in real time.


Share a Need

There are needs all around us.  Some needs we can plainly see while others are hidden. There are needs so big they have the power of destruction. Other needs are smaller, yet a simple act of kindness could change everything.


If you or someone you know has a need, click the ‘Share a Need’ button on this page.


Meet Needs with Us

We focus on identifying the greatest needs in the North Valley, Phoenix and the World.

Then we step in to meet those needs in one of four ways. If you would like to join the mission, click the ‘Meet a Need’ button on this page.

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